Friday, November 27, 2009

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Dear friend,

Just to let you know that 2009 is here at last and we need to do our best possible to make it a joyful end.

Will your life still remain the same as it was in the previous year? God forbid…because God through His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him (Jesus Christ) who called us by glory and virtue. 2 Peter 1:3.

Remember the saying that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. So be wise, be focus and plan well all through 2009 and beyond…think about it.

One thing I want you to know is that other Nigerian internet marketers sells their info product (e-Book) as high as N5500-N15, 000. They just keep copying one another.

The bitter truth is that the high price tag of their e-Book will make people to believe that the e-Book is loaded with powerful information but that is a fantasy.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to make my football trading system (e-Book) affordable for all my subscribers including you. If I may ask, what are your aims of going online from day 2 day? Is it just to surf the net, communicate with friends or to make additional income?

As for me, I’m online everyday in order to make more money. Think about it and then decide your own reasons.

If don’t know yet that what I’m offering you is just like a cooked food and all you need doing is to sit and eat.

This my football trading system contained years of researched, time, effort and thousands of dollars invested to test how effective the system was.

I’ve done all the hard work and now you are fortunate to have gotten this information on a platter of gold.

The football trading system will work for you (more money) over and over again with assurance of making a living from it.

Imagine turning N30, 000 into N3 million or generating over $64, 000 with a little investment of $500 every year non-stop. Which other kind of investment can generate such amount of returns yearly; all you need is just a little patient to wait for your harvest. James 5:7, Eccl. 11:1.

Some of my subscribers will send me an email containing “High Yield Investment Programs” (HYIP sites), telling me that “these websites are paying for the past 1-2 years now and that they are still paying with no delay” I will donate my money to charity home than to put my hard-earn money in such websites because they fly over night, they don’t last online (they rob Paul to pay Peter, they are kalo-kalo investment and many Nigerians that want to make it overnight are all falling victim everyday. Paying when you join does not mean they have come to stay, be careful, beware & be warned).

I started with Auto surf programs, HIYP and other rubbish schemes online that made me to lose thousands of dollars even going into debt, so I can tell you that I’m a master of it. As many of you that are still into HYIP, just watch the websites for the next 6months if they will still exist online.

That is why my Motto for 2009 is: Be wise, be focus & plan well. (Slow & steady win the race).

I don’t want overnight riches just like "those yahoo yahoo boys" but accumulating money little by little will takes you towards financial freedom. Please read these bible passages: Proverbs 13:11. Proverbs 13: 22. Proverbs 11:1. Proverbs 14: 23. Proverbs 20:4. Proverbs 21:5. Proverbs 10:4. Genesis 26:12. Eccl. 10:10. 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10. Matthew 25:14-29.

Note: what you don’t labour for, don’t last. Believe it or not

Enough of all this talk…

The Secret Of Becoming A Millionaire

How does a millionaire make millions? By investing money into things and ideas that "make money"... Millionaires want a return on their investments and ROI is the KEY to success. The problem for most people who dream of making a million dollars is how to get from zero, or nearly zero dollars to a million-that's where the mental grid-lock happens. People can't figure it out and give up, get a job and do what everybody else does, follow the followers.

NOTE: ROI mean Return On Investment.

As I was contemplating this issue it dawned on me that making a million dollars, with no inertia, is way to complex and basically an unachievable goal, and that is why most people cannot achieve it. Then the simplicity of the process hit me. The way to make a million bucks starting with one hundred dollars. The KEY is ROI. The key is to start small and apply one rule of thumb to whatever you do and here's the formula that will allow you to take $100.00 and turn it into a million:

Whatever you invest in with your money, double your profits when you sell it. It is that simple. Knowing this, then you must buy/invest into something (anything) for the lowest possible price with your initial $100.00 so that when you sell it, you recover your initial investment, cover all your costs associated with selling the product, and after the dust settles, you have $200.00. Then, repeat the process.

It's kind of like the "double a penny everyday for 30 days" angle where at the end of 30 days, you have a million dollars... only this is more practical because you are exchanging a product for money rather than just doubling pennies without a source for pennies.

Let me say it again: Invest $100.00 into any product so that when you sell it, it is priced to recover all your costs and doubles your money. Then, repeat the process. That product could be anything from A to Z. The key is buying low, selling high and doubling your initial investment. If you can't double the investment under this theory, don't invest. Let's look at the math:

$100-initial investment.
$200-first ROI
$400-second ROI
$800-third ROI
$12 800-seventh
$204800-eleventh (1/4 million)
$409600-twelfth (1/2 million)
$819200-thirteenth (nearly a million)
$1638400-fourteenth (nearly 2 million)

Instead of thinking about "making a million dollars" change your thinking to "doubling your money" on everything you invest in and start small. In fact, starting with $50.00 only adds one additional step to making a million dollars. Don't have $50.00? Start with $25.00, you get the point. I have pondered this and here is a truth: If you can't implement this simple, logical plan to make a million dollars, the chances are extremely high that you will never become a millionaire. Why? Because if you can't do the little things first, you will never get the big things done. Start with whatever you have to invest and double your ROI.

I don't know about you, but as you are reading this, I’ve already started my potential investments through sports betting & football trading.

Do you really want to become a millionaire? Think about it...because time waits for no man.

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I wish you all the best.

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See You At The Top

Peter Essien

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